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Trained Wedo Dog


This robot dog named Twitchy, is a well trained pet you don't have to feed or walk. He responds to voice and hand commands, but can be a bit grumpy if you touch his tail!


 This is Twitchy when he sits. I can make him lie down, and bark.  His eyes glow red like this if you touch his tail.  He hates when you touch his tail! Everything is lego except for his ears.  I made them out of duct tape.


First I used the sound sensor to trigger the barking.  I recorded my own dog barking.  Next I used the motion sensor to activate the motor to make him lay down. It looks like I'm touching him in the video but I'm not, just moving my hand close to the sensor.  I use this same hand command on my real live dog!  There are only two inputs on my wedo, so to make his eyes glow red when you move the on/off switch that is his tail, I had to use my lego power functions. Thanks for watching!


 This is my program.  I wanted to add to it but there were only two inputs,  so I added the tail switch to activate the light up eyes with my lego powerfunctions.

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  1. barbarab

    How clever! I love that touching his tail makes him “see red.” Great use of a switch. I also love that you recorded your own dog for Twitchy’s bark.

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