Tobias, Jonathan, Tim, Matilde & Marie


 Tobias, Jonathan, Tim, Matilde and Marie build their version of telekinesis as a superpower, where the Lego man can pick things up and do things like sweeping with the power of his mind. We have once again mainly used this in English class to practise saying something in English. As their teacher I have no idea where the rap idea came from, but who am I to kill the fun - and fun it was. So fun that in the end the girls had to leave the room to not die from laughter. They focused on using gears to make several things move at once.


  1. MVES

    That was awesome, very creative and clever. I’m still smiling ! Thank you for putting in the extra effort to write and perform your rap song. 🙂

  2. Susan Bitetti

    You all are right, Dr. E’s will never be the same! Thank you for the entertaining demo and presentation…half the fun of engineering should be sharing your design and you did that very well!

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