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The WeDo Lottery Program

The Lottery v2 - Pack 301.WeDo.zipThe Lottery v2 - Pack 301.WeDo.zipapplication/zip1.76 KB

This is a fun program to teach kids about using the WeDo software that does not require motors or sensors (e.g., a "homework assignment" if they have the software but do not have a kit at home).  It is based upon the lottery program in the Teacher's Guide, but uses several other icons to make it more exciting.  We provide a printed copy of the program to kids, and let them build and run it using the software.

It's fun to run this program in full screen. Click on the computer icon to open the display tab, and then click the down arrow button on the display tab to open it to full screen. Start the program by pressing the Enter key.

We use the following questions to augment the learning process:1. Please answer the following questions about the lottery program:        a. What is Mia's lucky lottery ticket number?         b. Run the program 10 times:            How many times did Mia win?            How many times did Jack win?            How many times did the House win?  (The House is when nobody wins and the lottery keeps the money.)         c. The number 8 has been picked as the winning lottery ticket.  Trace the parts of the computer program that run when the number 8 is picked.  (Hint: The icons on the screen blink as the program runs.)  How many parts of the program run when the number 8 is picked?  Draw a line from the Send Message icon to the Start on Message icon that runs the next part of the program. 


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