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Sharko’s cotton catapult

The Knights are at the castle door and they want to get in and take over.  But they need some help to get the door down.  Here comes their new invention, a Cotton Ball Launcher!!!... See how it can break down a whole Castle door!!!
Two motors and separate programming for each motor is used in this.  One to launch the cotton ball launcher and another to bring down the wall when the cotton ball hits it.  The launcher flings the cotton ball and comes back to original position and a knight's helper stands by to load it again.. 
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    • Manu

      The cotton ball doesn’t actually knock down the wall. I put a motor on the other side of the wall . A long brick connects the motor to the base. The wall is resting on the base. I timed the motor turning on such a way that when the cotton ball launches, the motor starts running which moves the long brick. The long brick moves the base which knocks down the wall. It looks like the cotton ball knocked down the wall. Thank you for commenting.

  1. pbdclass

    Great job Sharko. I cant believe it knocked down the wall. I can see you put a lot of work in to this. Keep it up

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