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I worked really hard on my Pencil Bot, many failures and many successes.  I learned that having too much can be just as bad as having too little.  In other words, when I was trying to use too many motors my program kept kept switching the motors around and I kept having to start over. […]

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Every cloud has a silver lining

Luis Javier has chosen the proverb: “Every cloud has a silver coating.” His construction shows us a part that represents the good (the dark one) and the other part represents the evil (the blue one).   YouTube  Luis Javier is not eligible for this month’s fan favorite voting because he was already voted the March […]

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Raining cats and dogs

There is a fairy house and the fairies are very busy when cats and dogs are raining. Why? They pick up the dogs and cats after the rain because some of the animals are injured. In their beautifull house, the fairies heal them. As you can see, Pavlinka has spent a lot of time to […]

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