Miracle Foundation’s Anwesha home group #9 for Dr.E’s Robotics Challenge – December 2016


 This is a demonstration of a robot put together for Dr.E's robotics challenge by kids at the Anwesha orphanage home of the Miracle Foundation in December 2016. These kids have developed from being completely computer illiterate to being robotics designers in 3 months thanks to a two-part course - first by Science in a Suitcase and the second by us at STEMPower.

The theme for the month's Dr. E's Challenge is "Wearables". These kids have built a SHOE that speeds up the wearer by having motorized wheels below it. Using the WEDO kit and 1 motor this group managed to design a gearbox to allow for the shoe to move. So you don't crash a sensor is present at the from of the shoe that will detect if anything gets too close and the shoe will stop.

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