Technical Support

Having technical issues with the website? Please review the FAQs below!

Something is wrong with the site, it’s not doing what I want it to do!

This website is under constant development and may not be supported under all browsers. We recommend to use Google Chrome as your primary browser when using this site.

Can I use my iPhone, iPad, Android devices on this website?

This site has not been tested on any mobile or tablet devices, use at your own risk!

Where can I view all my posts?

All your drafts and current posts can be viewed in your profile page. You can access it by hovering over the menu item all the way on the right with the label “Welcome <Your login>!” and clicking on “My Profile”.

How can I delete my post?

Go to your profile page (see question above). On the right sidebar, there is a “My Posts” widget that should list all of your posts. Hover over the post that you’d like to delete with your mouse, and click on the red “X” button that is adjacent to the post title. This will delete your post permanently!

I uploaded a video, but it’s not playing!

We currently only support .mov (Quicktime) video uploads!

Stuff is just not working for me, how can I get help?

Leave a comment below and we will try to respond in a timely manner! If it’s an emergency, please contact  the web admin: rafi.yagudin at for further help.