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Guarded Box

Guarded Box: Build a box to hold a treasure that is 8 cm long, 2 cm wide, and 2 cm high.

Design a guard animal for the top of the box—one that will wake up and make noise if the lid is lifted.

Measuring the Box: How much room is there inside the box? Find the inner dimensions of the box: length, width, height.

How big is the box? Find the outer dimensions of the box: length, width, height.

How much room does the guard animal have? Find the length, width, perimeter and area of the guard animal’s space (that is, the lid of the box).

Sounding the Alarm: How far can you lift the lid before the guard animal sounds an alarm? Find the largest angle that works and measure it. (Younger students can measure the height of the lifted lid 4 cm away).

Test the lid several times. Do you get the same number each time or does the angle vary?

Do you think you can place a LEGO in the box without waking the animal? Try it.

Sample solution:

guard box



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