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Green Howler Zombie

Green Howler Zombie
This creature, Greenius Howlius Zombius, will stay extremely still until you get within a short distance of him. When you do, he will let out a long howl and begin chasing after you. This green howler is depicted wearing goggles, thus the strange eye glint, and carrying a spider in one hand and a bamboo leaf in the other.
I used a crown gear system to make the legs move and I concealed a distance sensor in the head. I then covered it up with green paper and added the limbs so that it looked a lot scarier, and well, more realistic. I programmed it using Scratch programming language, and I modeled the leg design in LDD (Lego Digital Designer). 
This robot even scares me, and I'm used to it!


  1. EV3er

    the idea of programing with scratch was great and i think this is probably one of the scariest robots i’ve ever seen, especially with the way that you incorporated elements besides legos

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