Sadly, Dr. E’s WeDo Challenges and Dr. E’s MINDSTORMS Challenges will no longer be posting new challenges. However, both websites will remain up so that you can continue to access the previous challenges and all of the wonderful submissions. Thank you to LEGO Education and to the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach at Tufts University for their years of support (and thank you to LEGO for their amazing robotics platforms). During the six years of WeDo challlenges and five years of MINDSTORMS challenges, we received almost 1000 submissions from around the world. The two websites had a total of 1266 registered users from 57 different countries. We were truly a global community! We have always been inspired and energized by the creativity and innovation shown by the Dr. E's Challenges community; while new challenges won't be posted moving forward, we hope that you continue doing awesome stuff in your homes, clubs, and classrooms and that you continue to share your projects with the world! Collaborating with all of you has been a joy and an inspiration. Thank you, The folks at Dr. E’s

Crown Car

Crown Car: A crown gear lets you change the direction of motion by 90 degrees. Build a car using a crown gear so that two of your wheels are powered by the WeDo motor and the other two spin freely.

For information about using crown gears, watch the Gears Snippet.

For your two free-spinning tires, you can use two of the light green round bricks.

crown car

Bald Tires: Try running your car two ways, with the yellow bands around the freely spinning tires and without the yellow bands. How does the motion of the car change?

Try running your car on different surfaces. How is the motion affected?

Time and Distance: Test how far your car travels in one second (ten units in the WeDo program, since time there is measured in tenths of a second). How far do you think it will travel in two seconds? Five seconds? Make predictions and then run your car to test them.

Try running your car for five seconds with and without the yellow bands on the tires. Does it travel the same distance each way?

Bus Stop: The bus stops are 20 centimeters (8 inches) apart. Can you program your car to stop at each one?

To help you figure out how long it takes the car to reach a particular spot,try using this timer program:

timer program

Don’t Hit the Wall: Use the motion sensor to detect the presence of a wall in front of your car and program the car to stop before it hits the wall. What is the farthest distance from the wall that the sensor can detect? The closest distance?


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