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WeDo World Cup

 Goal: Make a super-short film of your favorite book or movie. You decide how much of the story to include–it can be a brief scene, several scenes, or the entire book or movie. You can even change the ending if you want. Use the WeDo motors and sensors to add action. You can include WeDo sounds and backgrounds too. However, your film cannot be more than half a minute long!

Start date: September 4, 2013
Due date: October 1, 2013.

Rules: The motor must create motion that leads to action seen in a soccer match. You may use multiple WeDo kits. Please only use motors or sensors from the WeDo kit; aside from that, external materials are allowed. Tips for using the WeDo motor can be found here: Building with Motors. When you have completed the challenge, write a description of your soccer-bot and upload a video of it to this site.

Submissions for WeDo World Cup


Our homeschool team of Lego builders is Joey (7) and Lily (5). Joey built the goalie; Lily built the soccer stadium with fans. Joey was the Programmer for this project. Using a motor, pulley and belt, the goalie moves side to side. The soccer ball was made from paper and craft tape.

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