Sadly, Dr. E’s WeDo Challenges and Dr. E’s MINDSTORMS Challenges will no longer be posting new challenges. However, both websites will remain up so that you can continue to access the previous challenges and all of the wonderful submissions. Thank you to LEGO Education and to the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach at Tufts University for their years of support (and thank you to LEGO for their amazing robotics platforms). During the six years of WeDo challlenges and five years of MINDSTORMS challenges, we received almost 1000 submissions from around the world. The two websites had a total of 1266 registered users from 57 different countries. We were truly a global community! We have always been inspired and energized by the creativity and innovation shown by the Dr. E's Challenges community; while new challenges won't be posted moving forward, we hope that you continue doing awesome stuff in your homes, clubs, and classrooms and that you continue to share your projects with the world! Collaborating with all of you has been a joy and an inspiration. Thank you, The folks at Dr. E’s

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We Go WeDo

Goal: ​ Make a WeDo wheeled vehicle of some kind—a cart, a car, a carriage. Your vehicle can be motorized or not, but it must include at least one of the following: motor, sensor, sound. (If you include all three, so much the better!)


Start date: March 1, 2017
Due date: March 31, 2017

Rules: You may use only the sensors and motors from the original WeDo or WeDo 2.0 kit. However, you are welcome to use multiple WeDo kits, additional LEGO pieces, and non-LEGO materials. Tips for using motors can be found here: Building Tips and tips for using sensors with WeDo software can be found here: Using Sensors.

The great bus

Luis Javier is really impressive building Lego. When he started this amazing bus, everyone thought it would be impossible to move it, but he did it. The bus has every possible detail: seats, steering wheel, the seat driver, even fans for summer. Bravo for him.   This is a Lego Wedo project for the Dr […]

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The little bus

Andrés and Danil have enjoyed a lot building this bus. They have used a pulley to move it. They say it’s a school bus 😀   This is a Lego Wedo project for the Dr E's Challenges ( Andrés and Danil have built a bus with Lego Wedo and programmed it …

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The old car

Hugo has built an old car that reminds me of the first cars in history. Great job, just 7 years old,  he has used a pulley to move the car.   This is a Lego Wedo project for the Dr E's Challenges ( Hugo has built a this old car with Lego Wedo and programmed […]

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The Carla car

Carla has built a car and has needed two engines: one to move it, and the other one is a kind of crane. Her car uses a pulley too.   This is a Lego Wedo project for the Dr E's Challenges ( Carla has built this car with Lego Wedo and programmed it with Scra…

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The great truck

Roberto had a very good idea, to build a big truck. At first we thought the engine would not move it, but … the engine was powerful enough to move it. He used a pulley to move his truck.   This is a Lego Wedo project for the Dr E's Challenges ( Roberto has built […]

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