Sadly, Dr. E’s WeDo Challenges and Dr. E’s MINDSTORMS Challenges will no longer be posting new challenges. However, both websites will remain up so that you can continue to access the previous challenges and all of the wonderful submissions. Thank you to LEGO Education and to the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach at Tufts University for their years of support (and thank you to LEGO for their amazing robotics platforms). During the six years of WeDo challlenges and five years of MINDSTORMS challenges, we received almost 1000 submissions from around the world. The two websites had a total of 1266 registered users from 57 different countries. We were truly a global community! We have always been inspired and energized by the creativity and innovation shown by the Dr. E's Challenges community; while new challenges won't be posted moving forward, we hope that you continue doing awesome stuff in your homes, clubs, and classrooms and that you continue to share your projects with the world! Collaborating with all of you has been a joy and an inspiration. Thank you, The folks at Dr. E’s

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Goal: Superheroes have all kinds of superpowers—x-ray vision, super strength, flying—to help them combat evil. But what about superpowers for everyday life? What everyday superpower would you like to have? Show us how a superpower could help you make it through your day.


Start Date: January 1, 2018
Due Date: January 31, 2018

Rules: You may use only the sensors and motors from the WeDo 2.0 kit, the original WeDo kit, or the LEGO BOOST kit. However, you are welcome to use multiple WeDo kits, BOOST kits, additional LEGO pieces, and non-LEGO materials. 

Transport of tigers

Pavlinka has built a car able to transport tigers and to follow the line. Her car steers using ONE motor. To build the car, she modified the steering mechanism by Yoshihito Isogawa. The program is based on the fact that the motion sensor is able to measure the reflected light intensity similarly as the Lego […]

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