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WeDo Mountain

Goal: LEGO ski resort WeDo Mountain needs a new ski lift! Design and make an automated mechanism to transport little LEGO people up a slope. Control the lift with a sensor and make its cycle finish back at the starting position (so that it can bring up the next rider, of course). 

Start date: November 1, 2013
Due date: November 22, 2013.

Rules: The passenger(s) may be loaded by hand into the lift at the bottom and out of the lift at the top, but the transportation must be automated. Extra points if you can automate the loading process too! Incorporate at least one of the sensors from the kit. As always, multiple kits and non-LEGO materials may be used, but only sensors and motors from the WeDo kit are fair game. Having trouble getting the power you need? Check out this snippet: Gears or this one: Motor Power and Direction.

Submissions for WeDo Mountain