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WeDo Monsters

October is WeDo Monster Month!
Goal: For this monstrous challenge, make a creature from the WeDo kit that moves using the motor. Your monster must also respond to its environment using one of the WeDo sensors. 

Start date: October 2, 2013
Due date: October 31, 2013

Rules: Only motors and sensors from the WeDo kit are allowed. Multiple kits are permitted! Your critter must move in some way and that movement must change based on input from one of the WeDo sensors. Tips on making your monster walk can be found here: Design for Motion and tips for using sensors with WeDo software can be found here: Using Sensors.


Submissions for WeDo Monsters

Doooooom Terminator

Doom Terminator – My Doom Terminator sleeps soundly, but when someone walks by, he wakes-up and attacks, roars, and then goes back to his cave, and falls back to sleep.  His snoring is LOUD!   Here is the you tube link: Daniel’s Doom Terminator – YouTube

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