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Cotton Ball Launcher

Goal: Cotton balls and marshmallows are too big for LEGO people to throw. Help them out by building a WeDo launcher. Design a machine to throw the cotton ball as far as possible. Or as high as possible. Or as accurately as possible. The choice is up to you. 

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Start date: March 1, 2014
Due date: March 31, 2014.

Rules: In your submission, tell us which goal you designed your launcher for–distance, height, or accuracy. Your launcher must use a LEGO motor. A sensor would be great, too, but is not mandatory. Your launcher can only be used for cotton balls or marshmallows–no hard objects! As always, multiple kits, additional LEGO pieces, and non-LEGO materials may be used, but only sensors and motors from the WeDo kit are fair game. Having trouble getting the power you need? Check out this snippet: Gears or this one: Motor Power and Direction.

Engineering Design Process: Engineering is about the process as much as the product. Tell us about designing your launcher. What worked? What didn’t? What changes did you make along the way?

Share your work in progress and your flops in the Drawing Board section. Go to Drawing Board


Submissions for Cotton Ball Launcher

The trap cotton

The trap cotton throws cotton balls if the motion sensor detects one of these balls near him. The trap cotton has been made by Javier (8). La trampa de algodón ha sido construida para el reto de Lego WeDo de la web Javier se lo ha pasado en grande construyendo l… La trampa de […]

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The heavy catapult

Heavy Catapult is an ingenious catapult made ??by Lucas (9) and Marina (8). This catapult uses the weight that has to kick the ball as far as possible when the rubber is released Catapulta hecha por Lucas y Marina para el reto Cotton Ball Launcher de la web Muy buen trabajo de los chicos. […]

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The small catapult

small catapult is a creation of Urko (12) and Edahí (12). The rubber is stretched, thus launching the cotton ball. It’s pretty nifty. Pequeña catapulta para el reto Cotton Ball Launcher de la Web Hecha por Urko y Edahí. Pequeña catapulta para el reto Cotton Ball Launcher de la Web Hecha por Urko […]

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