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WeDo Celebration

Goal: Design and construct an amusement park ride for the WeDo New Year’s Fair! Implement everything you’ve learned about motors, sensors, and WeDo to make an extravagant ride that brings in the New Year in style. Your celebrate-o-matic must include sound. 


Start date: November 23, 2013
Due date: December 18th, 2013.

Rules: The motor(s), sensors, and sound from the computer must all be included in this construction. Pull out all the stops! Again, please use only motors and sensors from the WeDo kit. Multiple kits are allowed. For tips on using sound with the WeDo program, check out this snippet: Programming Sound.


Submissions for WeDo Mountain

Sharko’s Amusement Park

Celebrating the winter in Sharko's amusement park is quite a ride. With short lines and multiple monkey rides, you will hear lot of happy squeals and claps. … Celebrating the winter in Sharko’s amusement park is quite a ride.  With short lines and multiple monkey rides, you will hear lot of happy squeals and claps.  […]

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WeDoers 2

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( Another amusement park ride classic. The line is always long, because it is so much fun. After research on amusement park rides the group discussed what type to make by drawing diagrams/plans on paper.

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WeDoers 1

Gondola – YouTube Another 45 minute creation from our wonderful girls who made the Ski Lift for the last challenge. This group took a real gondola park ride and made it out Legos. The group did research first to find examples of amusement park rides and chose a ride to recreate based on interest from […]

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