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Art Show

Goal:  It is time for a WeDo art show! Make a WeDo artist that creates a picture. It can draw with markers, scribble with crayons, splatter paint, whatever you wish. Film your artist at work and also show us the finished picture.


Start date: January 1, 2016
Due date: January 31, 2016

Rules: Your picture must be done by a WeDo artist, not a human one. You may use any medium you want–marker, paint , crayon, etc. You may even combine several media. Be sure to show us your artist at work and also show us the finished artwork. You may use only the sensors and motors from the WeDo kit. However, you are welcome to use multiple WeDo kits, additional LEGO pieces, and non-LEGO materYials. Tips for using motors can be found here: Design for Motion and tips for using sensors with WeDo software can be found here: Using Sensors.

This is a joint challenge with Dr E’s MINDSTORMS Challenges. Click here to see the MINDSTORMS version.