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Cast no greedy eye…

At Another Man’s Pie! Nikita has chosen Russian proverb that sounds like “Na Chuzhoy Karavay Rta Ne Razevay”. The English translation is “Don’t Gape Your Jaws For The Cake Is Not Yours” (or related proverb in the title) meaning respect other people’s properties. He has imagined a hungry alien monster trying to eat a cake […]

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Folding kitchen table

Some kitchens have very limited space (imagine a campervan). Nikita has made a foldable kitchen table and a stool that could be very useful. Crooked beams were used as levers pushing the constructions up. At night this table can be used as a bed and during the day for cooking and eating. The model is […]

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 Here is an off-the-road vehicle build by Nikita from Poland. It is made from Lego WeDo 2.0 and equipped with suspended wheels at the back and caterpillar track in the front. This “jeep” works well on a bumpy track and is controlled by the motion sensor. The model was slightly modified before video was taken. 

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