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A Minute on Your Lips


 Our proverb is:  A Minute on Your Lips is Forever on Your Hips.  Our proverb means that some foods are very tasty and make us happy for just a minute, but their unhealthy fattening qualities can affect us for our entire life by causing us to gain weight.  We built a doughnut shop to represent delicious, tempting, and fattening food.  We then created a giant donut that our mini fig could rise up from. In order to have our figure rise from the doughnut, we built a crane using a worm gear.  When the worm gear turns it pulls our figure up from the doughnut.  We wrote a simple program that turns our motor and then the worm gear.


  1. MVES

    We really like how you explained your proverb and how your structure moves. We would have like to have heard some kind of sound in the background like sound effects or someone talking. Overall, great job your ideas are very creative.

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